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A New Paradigm

A New Paradigm Symbala

As with 'Higher Resonance' this Symbala was created long before it was ready to be finished and brought forward. A timeline has no meaning with this work so when an energy pattern begins to come through I follow it to a completion. However, sometimes that completion is incomplete! How's that for a contradiction? For instance, some time ago when I completed 'A New Paradigm' it had no name and did not feel finished so I put it aside and trusted that at some point the timing would be in resonance with me and the vibration of the Symbala.

When that time arrived, I made a few small adjustments and additions and suddenly I felt that moment of completion accompanied by a clear awareness of the name. When it was printed, I could see and feel the impact of the creative action group of 3 star tetrahedrons in the center. This Symbala is dedicated to the gentle shifting of perception necessary to build new paradigms. A structure (a belief, too) lasts as long as it is useful then it must be flexible and transform or it becomes brittle and its collapse is destructive. The weaving pattern around the center feels like a flexible matrix holding the new construct.

A New Paradigm Symbala was featured on the Cosmic Connections with Madeline radio show March 7, 2008. The radio show is archived and to listen Click Here.

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