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Messages in Light

Messages in Light

"The aurora borealis video, shared below is galvinizing! Seeing, feeling and hearing the song of the light, resonated to the core of my being, directing my inspiration for creating this Symbala.

Aurora video Jan 20 2016 from Neal Brown on Vimeo.

"Here are added insights from Arlene Arnold, my friend who originally shared this video:

'The energy offered to us through the frequencies of color, that come from light, absorb into our bodies. They bring opportunities whose time has come and they subtly nudge us in the direction of the next phase of humanity's evolution. Those of you who have the ColorCards, check out the meaning of lime green, white, and violet. This is bringing in a new kind of spiritual leadership! Lahrinda's Symbala, that was inspired by this video, speaks in the language of light through color and then takes us into deeper complexities of frequency through sacred geometry. Connecting with this Symbala creates a resonance with your soul's desire to join this wave of change in whatever way is highest and best for you.'

"One of the things that I find so compelling about this Symbala is its degree of luminosity. I don't ever recall one with this much (both on the computer screen and in printed form). I was commenting about this quality to my friend, Madeline Gerwick, and she sent me some thoughts that were very revealing.
'In the past two years, the Earth (and the entire Solar System) has been travelling through a part of the Galaxy where humans have never been. Earth has been here before, but never with humans on it. So weíre into a completely new situation. The energies or frequencies (or radiation from a scientific point of view) of this part of the Galaxy are very high, and they are bombarding us 24/7. Itís the reason why some of us donít sleep at night and others canít focus during the day. These energies are designed to increase the level of consciousness of humanity, and it seems to be working! For the first time on Earth, we have more light than dark.'"

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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