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L o v e

Love Symbala

When this Symbala was created, it got a special launching. I sent it to my friend Leslie, a music therapist, to try out for a while - some field-testing if you will. I knew this Symbala was special and she uses the Symbalas as tools every day in her life. Here are her enthusiastic findings.

"This Symbala actively shifts my mood by simply spending about 10 minutes with it, staring into its shapes and lines. I allow my eyes to soften and the feeling of the Symbala to penetrate me. I find that my breathing deepens, my posture straightens, my body relaxes and my mood is brighter.

"The "LOVE" Symbala is as powerful as meditating with another person or holding a crystal. The Symbala emits such a strong vibration of love, well-being, positive energy and warmth that it has even alleviated my occasional episodes of anxiety. It transforms my tense energy into calm and my anxious thinking into peace.

"I gaze at the "LOVE" Symbala whenever I need to be reminded that I am loved unconditionally; to center myself in the midst of a chaotic day; to feel better when I am grouchy or to dissolve anger when I am mad at someone. Just a quick glance at it during the day is a reminder of love, peace and happiness and the reassurance that it is already within me.

"The "LOVE" Symbala is a key to opening the heart and an opportunity to bring more love into our reality. The more "LOVE" we have in our homes, on our altars, in our offices, the better our lives, our planet will be!"

Leslie, New York

DEDICATION in Loving Memory. A short while before this Symbala was released I heard that a dear friend and early supporter of my work with Symbalas had passed away in Sedona, Arizona. Her name was Rochelle Brener and, like Leslie, she lived in New York originally and we became friends from afar. She became the official Poet Laureate of Arizona, but to me she was a teacher, a catalyst and a loving presence at all times and she will be missed.

In LOVING Resonance,


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