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If you listen to the news, we live in a fractured, fragmented world. Actually fractures are all about restructuring; because what does a fracture allow?...a place where water/moisture/nutrients can penetrate and what follows is new growth of plant life, skin, beliefs or whatever the medium involved. Sometimes the fragmenting seems cruel or at least very difficult, but it is part of the process of transformation.

The key to growth from fragmenting circumstances is remembering to balance the challenges by infusing doses of appreciation, love and remembrance that the cosmos/world is ever-expanding which allows new opportunities along with the growth.

As always, my contemplations on the life process led me to the drawing of a Symbala bringing focus for that energy. This one I named ‘INFUSE’. I love how the calm center infuses and flows out in layers to an explosion of new possibility. May it bring you peace if your world is feeling fragmented.

With Warm, Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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