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Heartfelt Symbala

Timing is such a factor, both in the creation and the presentation of the Symbalas. Heartfelt came through in early August, but I didn't understand its full potential until a few days later. Then I found out that I needed to leave my comfortable, happy home of over 5 years and find a new home. It was a very challenging and transformational time.

I was close to the edge of depression. I pulled out this new Symbala (which I had set aside to take to the printer) and felt such a wave of loving assurance that all would be better than ever. The energy was very balanced and centering, but strong enough that it literally pulled me back from the edge.

The month of August and September of 2009 gave me the experience of a life turned upside-down in the vortex of change. My business and website were being changed along with my home base. With my inner resources augmented by the energies and vision of Heartfelt and the support of my family and friends, I knew what it was like to be in the eye of the hurricane - calm, peaceful and observing the whirling change around me.

Heartfelt came through in support of my personal timing, but now is the time to make it available to all of you with my enthusiastic endorsement!

In Loving Resonance,

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