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Heart Echoes

Heart Echoes

Here is the third 'Heart' Symbala, as promised. The heart energy has been so strong as these 3 Symbalas flowed in that I found myself thinking about them as the 'Heart Trinity'. Orienting how one lives and perceives the world through the heart is surely Divine. Now, with the New Year of great changes, is a perfect time to rediscover yourself and the entire world with heart intention; intention to focus on all the changes for the betterment of humanity and the earth, to focus on the joys of new discoveries in technology, health and connections with life from other dimensions and cosmic realms. These are the actions which will bring inner peace and outer harmony as opposed to the chaos arising from a divisive focus.

Here's to 2017, the year of the heart! Let the echoes ring out everywhere!

With Warm Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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