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Galactic Guardians

Galactic Guardians

As I stand on the bridge of the star cruiser looking down into the vastness revealed in the circular dimension tank, I smile and take a deep breath. Seeing the beauties of the cosmos with its spiraling galaxies, shifting clouds of dust, planets and stars in numbers beyond count, stirs a need for deep, even breathing. I look up from the tank and feel appreciation for the presence of my fellow voyagers. I feel protected by my inner balance, yet filled with an urgent awareness of adventure for this journey.

Welcome fellow Star Voyagers! The above vision did not inspire the drawing of this Symbala; rather the Symbala inspired me, as I sat in contemplation, to a new level of participation in the human adventure which is a spiritual unfolding. Whether standing in awe of a dimension tank on a starship or relaxing in a comfortable chair, we carry the universe within us and the joy of connectedness is ours. I always close my contemplations with a phrase from the Abraham group of souls, I allow my well-being in an ever-expanding universe!

With Warm Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

I would like to close with the feelings expressed by a friend and colleague, William Rainen, Spiritual Counselor, w.rainen7@gmail.com.

"I like the energy from this Symbala. My feelings take two directions, 1. Universal energy and 2. personal values.

"This Symbala is working to aid in the balance of the Universal energy that is changing with the current circumstances in the world. People are able to contribute additional power to this Symbala by placing the Symbala in a location in their home where they and any guest will observe it.

"When individuals focus on the Symbala with a feeling for world peace and harmony, the power of this Symbala increases. When guests look at the Symbala and that guest has a positive response to the Symbala, the energy is increased to some degree. Consider the process of focus any time you are taking any form of Spiritual action.

"Each Symbala that is being used anywhere on the planet by various people becomes a facet of increased positive energy,

"This Symbala is a sign of beginning of new energy and the release of past limitations for the world, but also for each individual who has and uses this Symbala. For all endings there will always be a new beginning as long as people are willing to let go of things that are no longer needed in their life.

"People who have this Symbala will receive the Universal energy as they deal with the personal experiences that all people face at times."

Love and blessings,

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