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Gift of Love

Gift of Love

Synchronicities become a way of life on the consciousness path and so I wasn't too surprised at the timing of this newest Symbala I'm presenting to you.

Oblivious to the nearness of Valentine's Day, I was driving home from a delicious lunch when a name suddenly popped into my head. This was an unusual order of the process. Generally, the Symbala's energies come, then the drawing, and lastly the naming. I had been feeling the energy of a Symbala coming, but it was still diffuse. Then, zing! the name was there; so I went home directly and began the drawing forth into form.

I can think of no greater gift than the gift of giving and receiving love. A heart-centered life is full of joy, intuition and deep knowing. Valentine's Day is a reminder of this special way of living life. My heartfelt thanks go out to all of you for being the gracious receivers and appreciators of the Symbala messages of cosmic love.

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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