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Fifth Activation Chakra

Fifth Activation Chakra

The energy for the creation of each of these chakras came to me in this order from first to twelfth. This has no implications for how you might use them. In my process each one was an attunement and seemed to clear the way for the next one in this order.


"The fifth chakra is very useful for manifesting and for self-protection. Through it, we express what we think, feel, see, desire, and detest. The front of this chakra is often known as the 'seat of responsibility,' for through it we say 'yes' or 'no' to life's options. Also linked with the soul, this chakra is seen as a vehicle for the soul's expression of its desires. Of great psychic importance, this chakra allows us to share the information we are receiving from the invisible self. Its physical presence involves the throat and auditory processes."

New Chakra Healing by Cyndi Dale pg. 41

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