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Exploring the Continuum

Exploring the Continuum Symbala

In the Pacific Northwest the arrival of the Spring Equinox of 2012 has been stormy, but the expanding, renewing energies are still being felt. In perfect timing a friend sent me a quote that immersed me in the creative flow, the inspiration for a new Symbala. Here is the quote from Bashar:

"As you change your present (by changing your present beliefs), you are likewise changing your past and your future. That is, you are shifting to a totally different hologram which contains its own 'past' that is consistent with its 'present', and also its own 'future' which is likewise consistent with its 'present'."

Enjoy the exploration and enjoy the reflections this Symbala inspired for Peggy Smith.

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

Soul Rhythms in Light

Exploring the Continuum

"I donít know when the consciousness of man began to question existence. No other species on the planet questions where they came from, why they are here, and where they are going. But then again, no other species on the planet really contemplates death. It is said the ability to reason and question is what sets man above all other life forms. Or is it that we are not actually functioning above other life forms, as much as we are following a different path in the exploration of life?

"As I allowed myself to be absorbed into Lahrindaís new Symbala, I felt as though I was being immersed in a process of connection and inter-connection. In Eastern theology it is taught that we are all one, connected by the same source. But what if that ancient wisdom is just the tip of the iceberg? As you can see, the hypnotic resonance within the movement, design and pulsing vibration of 'Exploring the Continuum' triggered some very deep and divinely delightful queries from my soul.

"My personal journey through the vibrant gateway in this new Symbala carried me beyond what I thought I understood about the Universe. In the ebb and flow of inspiration from 'Exploring the Continuum', I am left with a most astonishing possibility. What if mankind gives no thought to life coming to an end and purely embraces the art of being? We would then surely become at one with the miracle of life. This is what came to me: Creatures of the Earthly waters are wizards in a fluid Universe. Birds soar beyond the boundaries of gravity becoming magicians of the sky. Plants are the alchemists of sunlight and all other animals are keepers of Godís knowledge. We humans are merely here to 'Explore the Continuum' that divinely connects all living things.

"What Universal mystery is your soul yearning to explore? Step into the wonders of this dynamic new Symbala and hold on tight; itís bound to be an amazing ride." ~ Peggy Smith

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