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In a world that tries very hard to disempower us, it’s a good idea to recognize how we become empowered. Many of us will point to sources, such as: family, occupation, education, skills, nature and religion.

To me the main issue about empowerment is the direction of the flow. In other words, does our confidence flow from externals or does it flow from our core energy and express as a state of feeling empowered? How important would it be to keep feeling empowered if the external strengths we look to were removed, damaged or altered?

The nature of Sacred Geometry, the core of my Symbalas, keeps me aware of the importance of energy flow and the resonance of frequencies. These intangibles are related to other intangibles like our connection to Source and our feeling of empowerment.

This Symbala is named ‘Empowering’ because that’s what the energies were whispering to me. When connecting with Source, have you noticed how that frequency can be amplified by sharing this resonance with others on a similar path? Like the 8 figures surrounding this Symbala with their upraised arms connected through the central power source...

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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