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The Empowered Feminine

The Empowered Feminine Symbala

After this Symbala came through, I could still feel the energy for days and see it folding and unfolding in my mind's eye. I also kept hearing the words, "A heart-flower blooming and feeling the strength of creation."

A friend purchased this 'Tri-Unity' of Symbalas (Empowered Feminine, Empowered Masculine and Union) and had such instant and amazing results that, with her permission (though requesting anonymity), I decided to include her comments. Lahrinda

"I identify with the 'Empowered Feminine' Symbala very much. It is so goddess-like and feminine that it is comforting to behold. It also inspires me to be creative and to pursue my creative endeavors like learning the guitar!" L. Y.

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