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Deliberate Awareness

Deliberate Awareness Symbala

"One of the aspects of the Symbala work that is reflected back to me from many friends, associates and supporters is how they set a universal tone resonating with the grid. Those of you that have followed this work for a long time will remember that I channeled Symbala energies for the '10-10-10' and for the '11-11-11'. I originally named this Symbala '12-12-12' because that was my intention in creating it. However, the response I received when I released it early to my mailing list, showed me that it encompassed so much more. Being part of the 'leading edge' as Esther & Jerry Hicks call it, means perceiving with 'Deliberate Awareness'.

"I won't elaborate on the implications of this special time; I leave that to others and let each individual create their own vision of the shift. I like to let the Symbalas do the communicating. Hold the happiness and live in joy!"

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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