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Deep Peace

Deep Peace

Last month centered around the introduction and naming of the ‘Alchemy of Joy’ Symbala. Joy, indeed, because it led me not only to the perfect name, but a very special connection to a new friend, Carolyn White. She teaches Color & Energy Therapies and Aura and Chakra Balancing. When we met so I could gift her with a signed, dated first print of ‘Alchemy of Joy’, it was momentous. She held the printed Symbala in her hands and the most amazing stream of timeless perception and wisdom came through! I was stunned. I asked and she agreed to write up some of her perceptions stimulated by holding several other new Symbalas. One of those new Symbalas was ‘Deep Peace’.

“Have you ever had one of those days where your mind feels frazzled, over heated by too much thinking? Deep Peace is the perfect antidote to take you from over-wrought to profound tranquility. Gazing into Deep Peace is like a breath mint for your soul. It declutters the ruminating thoughts of the mind and moves you to a place of serenity. “On another level, Deep Peace connects with the essence of the third-eye and crown chakras—your virtual etheric energy centers linking you to cosmic consciousness. Connecting with these chakra centers evokes a knowingness of ‘All that IS’, which effects a state of deep peace.”

Watching Carolyn’s eyes get big and the smile that came as she held each Symbala print in her hands connecting with the energies is such a delicious affirmation of the purpose of the Symbalas. They are tools for ascending and expanding our frequencies as the journey intensifies.

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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