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Celebrate Change

Celebrate Change

Things are changing in my life. Celebrate with me!

I was very sure I didn’t want to move and the next thing you know there was a real estate lady sitting in my living room getting the information needed to put my ‘white palace’ old mobile on the market. After the initial shock, came a bit of panic and a real tumbling mix of emotions. This Abraham quotation helped a lot.

“The Universe is abundant with everything that you want. It's not testing you. It's benevolently providing for you. But you are the orchestrater. You are the definer, and you do it through your joyous anticipation. If there is an emotion that you are wanting to foster, that would serve you very, very well, it is positive expectation. It is excited anticipation.” ---Abraham

So, I have the tools and I have the friends (some not so visible) and I begin to make the shift from fear and worry to the celebration and ‘positive expectation’ of my coming move, my evolution. Two weeks after listing, my home sells (WOW!) and the transition begins. Next comes this surprising symbolic reflection of my shift from worried to anticipatory. At first I didn’t like this Symbala because it felt chaotic, but then comes the realization that while change sometimes feels that way you begin to see a beautiful geometry as you allow the flow of harmony with the cosmic connectedness. So join me to 'Celebrate Change'!

With Warm Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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