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Cascading Joy

Cascading Joy

What I love about this Symbala is the joyous momentum it gave me, which is reflected in how I named it. I didn’t plan it. The Symbalas always seem to pull me in to their own purpose. As I drew it, I felt the energy of a clear mountain stream bounding down a mountain slope. It embraced me in a rush of pure freedom and release. Even the word ‘cascade’ feels like a liquid intention of movement which invites others to join in the fun or expansion.

As I remember it, especially from my childhood, that was how I felt at this time of the year – swept up in the flood of beauty, joy and love! I truly appreciate this energy now for so many inner and outer reasons. My wish to all of you is for a similar heart-flood of ‘Cascading Joy’!

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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