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Breathe-In, Breathe-Out

Breathe-In, Breathe-Out Symbala

"So, after over two decades of studying with Abraham, I only recall three things that Abraham has ever taught us regarding maintaining, or improving, our physical well-being: Number 1 — Think more good-feeling, in-the-Vortex thoughts. Number 2 — Drink more water. And Number 3 — (and it’s a major theme of these daily guided meditations) Breathe more deeply."

Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditations CD and User Guide, Preface by Jerry Hicks

When I began doing the Guided Vortex Meditations once a day in the new year of 2011, things began to happen. The first revelation was complete surprise that I was loving doing them for 15 minutes each morning. The surprise was not about the content for I have resonated with the Abraham teachings from the first contact; no, it was about doing any meditation. I have always considered myself a non-meditator. But these I was doing and loving!

The next surprise was how much they inspired my Symbala work. This Symbala came through almost right away after starting the meditations. One of the very powerful benefits derived from them is through the breathing. Following the "...respiratory tempo of the guiding musical tones (which are intended to help you to remember to deeply breathe)...allow you to...gently, but naturally, relax into the soothing, life-enhancing tempo of six breaths per minute." So Breathe and Enjoy!

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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