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Beauty's Heart

Beauty's Heart

I felt the synchronicity when I drew this Symbala with the Venusian influence of the Sun in Taurus. All my senses were being heightened and sensitized by the Spring pageant of loveliness. When it was done and I held it in my hands, I realized it was bursting with two things: beauty and emotion. The strong emotion was an awareness of the connection between beauty and true appreciation of being alive.

It is important to understand that beauty is anywhere and everywhere not just in nature and the arts. Each personís discovery of any beauty is unique and yet they recognize it. Thereís a moment when it catches you, you take a quick breath, still and let it fill you with love, appreciation and confidence in knowing there is a guided benevolence in the cosmos.

One of the main purposes for the Symbalas is to explore that experience of beauty and itís connection to the geometric order of the universes through color, harmonics, symmetry and the Golden Proportion. Each one is a surprise, like beauty, and none more so than this one. The first person I showed this Symbala to, drew a breath and began to cry, very happy tears. May we all be able to appreciate the wonder of being alive through tears of joy!

With Warm, Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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