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Awakening Symbala

The guidance and energies wanting to express can be very intense and insistent. I believe we're all being attuned to new frequencies and finding our individual ways to be aware of and embrace these shifts.

Since the purpose of the Symbalas is to be tools for attunement, catalysts for perceptual shifts and focusing doorways for dimensional journeys, they have been coming through more quickly; mirroring the frequency changes.

One hears many different words and phrases to capture these processes and languaging is tremendously important. The words I use to describe organic/spiritual evolution, like the Symbalas themselves, are words of vibration, frequency, resonance and harmonics.

Each of us is finding our way in the journey of 'awakening'. May this Symbala be a joyful catalyst in your process! Enjoy!

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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