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Allow Well-Being

Allow Well-Being Symbala

"We would like you to release the word "achieve" or "earn" from your vocabulary and from your understanding, altogether, and we would like you to replace those words with the word "allow". You're wanting to allow your Well-being, not achieve it. It's not something that you need to earn. All you have to do is decide what it is you would like to experience, and then allow it in order to achieve it. It isn't something you have to struggle for or try for. You are all worthy beings. You are deserving of this Well-being."

Excerpted from a workshop with Esther and Jerry Hicks in Detroit, MI on Saturday, July 8th, 2000

This Symbala was inspired by the wisdom and expanding energy found in the teachings of the Abraham Group, received and written down by Esther and Jerry Hicks in the book, Ask and it is Given. It was the right book at the right time for me. The new group of attunement Symbalas was coming through and this was certainly part of it.

Amazing things happened when I first introduced this Symbala to the public at a show. Almost everyone who picked up the print immediately hugged it to their heart area. This energy is all about 'allowing', a very magnetic, receiving flow. Nurturing ourselves by 'allowing' all our desires to manifest is huge.

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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