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Act of Flowing

Act of Flowing

I’ve always had a philosophical perspective about life and the world in general, even when I was younger and it all felt more up close and personal. As the years have passed and the family is dispersed, I spend a great portion of my time alone and, frankly, I treasure my peaceful, creative space. It allows me to focus upon the Symbala art which mirrors and expresses my increasing awareness of the geometric order of life and the cosmos. Each day I do an intimate dance with the elements of this sense of order as the drawings unfold fueled by the power and joy that comes with using the sacred geometry of the Golden Proportion.

When I’m not drawing, I pursue other things in my life which bring me pleasure: reading, listening to music, favorite movies, conversations/visits with friends and family. Putting my attention on the things I love seems a simple thing, but actually serves a great purpose. It doesn’t just bring me enjoyment it connects me to the creative flow through my passionate appreciation. It stimulates the desire for more and that anticipation is what pulls in the life force. That is what keeps me alive and in touch with the gift of being human!

As usual, Abraham/Hicks sums it up beautifully and simply and inspired this new Symbala I’m sharing with you today. Feel the life!

“You intended to come forth into the physical realm of contrast to define what is wanted, to connect with the Energy that creates worlds, and to flow it toward your objects of attention, not because the objects of attention are important — but because the act of flowing is essential to life.” ~ Abraham

The ‘Act of Flowing’ is rooted in the creative force embedded in the number ‘3’ used in its structural geometry.

With Warm, Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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