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A Personal Symbala embodies your energy symbolically as it is right now. By drinking in this symbol of you, consciously and unconsciously, you change. What you have transformed and learned becomes more solid. What remains to be addressed emotionally, mentally and spiritually is brought to your attention. Gain an entirely new view of the completeness and perfection of your brilliant soul and your reason for being alive right now. You can choose a new way of being. A Personal Symbala is a beautiful, supportive tool of transformation for your life journey.

A Personal Symbala is a unique tuning fork. Contemplation sets up resonance attuning you to the creative structure of the universe. A vibrational doorway is opened and offers the opportunity for transformation and perception of other dimensional realms.

"When ... paradigms slip, we can become confused and need to establish a new model. Let's stop perceiving ourselves as collections of parts. Instead, let's picture circles existing and expressing in a series of waves. Our physical body flows into our emotional reality, which connects to our thought forms, which link to our spiritual or intuitive processes, which flow right back into our physical body." New Chakra Healing by Cyndi Dale.

A Personal Symbala can help you see with new eyes for a new paradigm. It is time to put ourselves on the altar and do the work.

"The real healer is the one who can cure himself of his own lies. We can put all our faith into a person who died many years ago that we didnít even meet, and put him on our altar. Or we can take a picture of ourselves and place it on the altar. When we do that we are respecting that we donít have to go outside of ourselves to look for the perfection, to know what we already know. When we have respect for ourselves, everything becomes possible." (Excerpt from an interview with don Jose Ruiz, one of the co-authors of The Fifth Agreement)

Symbalas can be created for an individual, a relationship or a special event or project. The energy connection takes place through intention with the ordering process. You will be asked for the date, time and place appropriate for the Symbala ordered. The exact birth or start time is important, but NOT essential.

Original Symbalas are $215.00 for the standard size which includes shipping and handling charges. They are signed, dated, double-matted and protected in a clear bag. The finished size is 11 x 14". Each original Symbala order also comes with a surprise gift. Special payment arrangements can be made by contacting me.

WEAR Your Symbala!
Now thereís a new way to experience and share the unique beauty and frequencies of your Personal Symbala: wear your own Customized Symbala Medallion. The glorious color and shine of these 2 ĺĒ ceramic discs make them the perfect showcase for wearing the uplifting Symbala frequencies. There is an image on both sides and a hole at the top which allows you to attach a jump ring for a chain or a silk cord.

If you already have a Personal Symbala, order a customized medallion for $50. If you're ordering your first Personal Symbala or a Renewal with the medallion, the price is only an extra $40, but in all cases you must order the medallion separately through me by clicking here. Non-customized medallions, greeting cards, calendars, magnets, mugs and keychains are available through my Zazzle Store.

Here is Crystal Stone, owner of Crystal Voyage, sharing her Personal Symbala Renewal and the matching customized medallion.

Crystal's Symbala and Medallion

Symbala Renewals

When a Symbala is created for an individual, it is connected on an archetypal symbolic level, but also connected to their energy presence for that moment in time. A periodic renewal of this co-created tool for transformation is a marvelous gift. A yearly Symbala gift to self is a wonderful way to honor the 'birth' day and renew a committment to personal evolutionary process. The renewal price for a Personal Symbala is $125.00, shipping/handling included.




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